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In the past, vinyl siding was prone to fading. But the new varieties have increased UV protection to protect its colour for decades. Vinyl siding also doesn’t chip or peel like painted wood siding.

Vinyl siding can be placed horizontally or vertically — depending on the variety of siding — which gives you more options. Vertical siding tends to look more modern, so an older home will look more natural with horizontal siding.

But the most significant change to vinyl siding over the years has been the improvements made to its texture. The new varieties of vinyl siding come in a low-gloss finish that actually looks like painted wood. Some varieties even come with a subtle wood-grain pattern to give the look of rough-sawn wood.

If you have a Victorian home, you may be wary about using vinyl siding and negatively affecting your home’s value — after all, you don’t want to hide the character, right? But many manufacturers are now selling period-patterned vinyl siding. The beautiful fish-scale shingle pattern on many older homes is even replicated in vinyl siding.

Most manufacturers offer vinyl siding in a variety of patterns, like rough split, board and batten, half rounds, clapboard, dutch lap, and beaded. They’re also creating low-maintenance vinyl finishings like window trims, shutters, gable vents, mantels, and mouldings.

There are horror stories about contractors covering gingerbread houses with plain flat siding, or sawing off decorative moldings and cornices. But the right contractor won’t take away the details that make an older house special — they’ll simply use the vinyl siding to enhance the look of the home. Do your homework, make a few calls, and find someone who specializes in re-siding older homes.

If you want to keep your home looking authentic, do a bit of research into homes that were built in that time period. See what colour combinations were commonly used, and find one that appeals to your taste. All of the classic Victoria shades — soft yellows, aquas, and pinks — are available through most vinyl siding manufacturers.

New, modern homes look fantastic with bold, dramatic vinyl siding — reds, blues, teals — with lots of bright white trim for contrast. Earth tones are growing in popularity as well, with chocolate brown, deep tan, and charcoal grey among the top shades.

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